Many of us keep track our steps, exercise, sleep, weight, diet, or even our blood sugar. We can’t, however, track our inflammation just as easily.

COR Health was founded in 2023 by Apple Watch architect Bob Messerschmidt to change this. Bob recognized that today’s common health issues and leading diseases likely have inflammation as their root cause.

COR Health was founded to bring chronic inflammation tracking to everyone so that everyone has a better chance to live a longer and healthier life.


Our founder’s story

Our founder’s story

Following decades of obesity and associated metabolic ill health, Bob regained a healthier weight and his metabolic health – after he realized the core driver was microinflammation. He founded COR Health to enable everyone to see and better understand their microinflammation, so that they, too, have the best opportunity to manage their health.

Bob is a Williams-Wright Award recipient for his contribution to industrial spectroscopy. Bob had two successful exits before he cold-emailed Steve Jobs about his third company. Steve immediately called him and soon after acquired the company. Bob then went on to work directly with Steve, and others, such as Jony Ive, for several years. Steve’s vision for consumer devices in the future of health heavily influenced Bob.

Aside from COR, Bob is most proud of his contribution to Apple Watch.

Chronic inflammation tracking must become available to everyone, in terms of both price and a carry anywhere format.

Bob Messerschmidt

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