Do other home devices exist to measure chronic inflammation?

No. Such devices are not sensitive enough and can only measure acute inflammation, e.g., to confirm a bacterial infection. Chronic inflammation is microinflammation – rather than acute inflammation, which produces significantly higher levels. The COR One can measure both chronic and acute inflammation.

How is blood taken? Is it a dry blood spot?

The COR One only requires a tiny dot of blood from a finger stick and this has been developed using a special cartridge to make that as simple as using a glucose test strip. The drop is obtained using a lancet, similar to that diabetics use when taking a glucose measurement. We do not use dry blood spots because, 1) they typically require multiple blood drops which may be painful for some people, 2) blood testing unique dry samples does not achieve the same accuracy as liquid samples.

Why use ESR instead of HS-CRP?

C-reactive protein (CRP) and High Sensitivity C-reactive protein (HS-CRP) are excellent biomarkers to monitor for health-conscious individuals. HS-CRP is particularly useful for determining the presence of microinflammation. However, HS-CRP is more suited to a diagnostic setting than tracking. Tracking requires ongoing frequent measurements. Only with tracking can you have the best chance to lower your baseline and properly adjust lifestyle factors such as nutrition. In short, 1) HS-CRP would, at minimum double the costs without corresponding benefits, and 2) HS-CRP typically hits its lowest limit before ESR does when trying to adjust lifestyle factors such as diet to lower inflammation – therefore, ESR offers more “room” to optimize one’s health. Besides, ESR and CRP strongly overlap. Both are acute-phase reactants.

Steve [Jobs] had the keenest and earliest vision for consumer health, yet he is not recognized for this. Working with him greatly influenced me.

Bob Messerschmidt

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