Medically accurate ESR

Medically accurate ESR

Easily track your inflammation with the COR One™ – at home or away. The COR One™ measures the Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR). FDA-registered.

Affordable u0026 convenient

Affordable u0026 convenient

The COR One™ has a consumer-friendly price tag, despite being medical grade. Tests are priced much cheaper than labs and provide at-home convenience. The device is USB powered and extremely lightweight and compact.

Painless blood collection

Painless blood collection

To get a drop of blood, a lancet is used, like the one diabetics use for glucose readings. It is then collected into the COR Mini Test Tube™. The lancet is the lightest available, so the collection experience is very comfortable.u003c/pu003e

Packed with smarts

The COR One™ connects to your home WiFi. It communicates with the COR Cloud™, which applies AI to the collected data to offer new smarts.


Say goodbye to generic experiences. One size does not fit all.

Your rate of aging

Are you aging faster or slower than others of your chronological age?

To be announced

The COR Cartridge™ opens up new possibilities. Stay tuned.

Track your inflammation

Track your inflammation

The COR dashboard helps you track inflammation for good health and a longer life, not just for diagnosis. It features the ability to add tags and notes to your results. You can also see if your result is “older” or “younger” for your age.

Join waitlist

Demand for the COR One™ exceeds supply. To allocate devices as fairly as possible, we’ve implemented a waitlist system.

Join the waitlist

Provide your basic details to join the waitlist—no billing information is required. The sooner you join, the quicker you’ll be able to receive your COR One™.

Receive confirmation

You’ll receive an email confirming your place in the queue. It will also contain helpful information to learn more about the COR One™ whilst waiting.

Await your slot

You’ll receive an email with your buy link when your slot becomes available.

Smart results

The COR results portal helps you understand your inflammation every week and month.

Smart results

Better understand your inflammation.

Not just data points – insights that matter.

Match your diet and lifestyle habits to your results.


The timetable for the project milestones is presented below. Join the waitlist to receive project updates.


Production of first working prototype


Waiting list opens


Manufacture and verify production devices


FDA Registration


Shipments to North American customers


Shipments to European customers

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